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White Metal Bearings

white metal
INTRODUCTION White Metal or Babbitt Metal is a soft white, anti-friction alloy originally developed by Issac Babbitt in 1839 which mainly consisted of Tin, Copper and Antimony.  Fast forward to today, and you will find quite a variety of white silvery alloys with varying characteristics. DESCRIPTION White metal is primarily used to line cast iron, steel and bronze bearing shells. White metal can be either a tin based or lead based alloy containing moderate amounts of copper and antimony. T...
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Stainless Steel 420

Description Thermal Spray coatings of Stainless Steel 420 are used in applications which require hard surfaces with good wear and corrosion resistance. The low shrinkage properties of Stainless Steel 420 allow it to be applied up to several millimeters thick on curved surfaces, such as shaft journals and internal diameters. During the coating process the maximum component temperature is monitored and controlled to remain below 70˚C in order to prevent any distortion. The low coating app...
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TSA Coatings

TSA (Thermally Sprayed Aluminium) Work Conducted At Harfords. International Valve Company TSA coatings have been applied to a wide size range of valves for local and international vendors. The image below shows the difference in appearance for a 6 inch valve before and after coating.   Figure 1: 6 Inch Valve Before And After Coating Local Coating Company We also apply this coating to 10” Woodside valves for a local valve repairer. The image below shows the surface finish and ...
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