The Present & Future

As an evolving company, Harfords Engine Reconditioning, became ‘Harfords Surface Engineering’ in the 80’s and is now Harfords Surface Technologies. Aware and responsive to the changing market with many international mining and oil and gas companies now having a major presence in Australasia with Perth as a base for operations in the region, Harfords have sought to develop strategic associations with global surface engineering providers.

Our recent acquisition will greatly enhance Harfords technology base of industry standard processes and procedures as well as the direct influx of Rokide® ceramic spray systems.

Technology Driven

As a technology driven company, Harfords implement the best new processes and better ways of reclaiming components, therefore defining the technology curve in our sector and remaining the industry leader. Examples include these firsts for Australia and/or W.A.

  • 1987 – Introduction of PTA welding (Plasma Transferred Arc) into W.A
  • 1992 – Introduction HVOF Thermal Spray
  • 2000 – Electro-Chemical Metallising into W.A.
  • 2003 – AC-HVAF Intelli-jet
  • 2006 – HV Arc Spray
  • Present – We are now adding Robotically applied Rokide® processes, again moving the goal post on the competition.

The need for a full service company in Perth requires both the experience and confidence with field proven applications. By continually adding new technologies we have leapfrogged to the position of a company with many years experience, including the ability to develop custom solutions requiring parameter development and qualification to international standards.

Today & Tomorrow

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Harfords delivers the best services range within existing technologies.

As for the future, who can accurately predict what processes we will be using in the decades ahead, but Harfords will be there, leading the way in R & D determination and implementation, to offer our clients only the best of services.

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