The Past

Harfords is a proud Western Australian owned company, Hal and Lorraine Harford are the Directors and Owners.

Harry Harford founded the business Harfords Engine Reconditioning in 1954 to meet and service the engineering needs of the day. Harry’s son, Hal joined his father’s business back in 1972, earning a solid and extensive background in this company that has been an important part of the industry since its inception.

In 1982, Hal (Harry’s Son) altered the direction of the business to one that specialised in rare engine rebuilding. These engines required the use of metal spraying and welding techniques in order to restore worn parts, primarily because new parts were simply not available.

Harfords reconditioned parts that would normally be replaced with new OEM parts, such as pistons, wrist pins, valves, blocks, cylinder heads and the like.

The business was very successful and the skills learned were also used in the industrial sector for the first time when the business moved into the larger volume of the industrial market.

New Technology Evolution

In 1986 Harfords Engine Reconditioning changed its name to Harfords Surface Engineering (HSE) to better describe its activities. HSE introduced Electric Arc Thermal spray to the W.A. Industrial market. This process was capable of resorting large heavy duty surfaces such as those found in earth moving equipment. It took a year for maintenance engineers at the major earthmoving equipment companies to gain confidence in Harfords new arc spray.

In time it was realised that Harfords restored surfaces performed as well or better than the OEM parts and the new process was used extensively. These companies are still clients today due to Harfords quality work and fast turnaround. As an authority in the application of thermal spray coatings, Harfords advised clients which parts could be restored using it and which parts required a fusion coating or replacement with new.

Over the years these new processes were further advanced, keeping Harfords in their position as industry leader.

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