Rokide Ceramic


Rokide Ceramic

Harfords has acquired the latest in cutting edge coating technology from Saint Gobain, this system called Rokide Flame Spray is unique, because it utilizes ceramic oxide rods or a cored spool. The consumable is melted in a patented spray unit which projects the fully molten particles onto a substrate at high velocity, these Rokide particles cannot leave the spray unit until fully molten. These particles have high kinetic energy and high thermal mass, so they remain molten until they reach the substrate.  Harfords started using this technology in 2013, as a sanctioned process for coating Mogas valve balls and seats with Titanium Dioxide.

Difference to Powder Systems

Powder systems, by contrast, project smaller particles into a high-temperature gas stream, and the resulting lack of dwell time does not allow all the powder particles to melt
completely. Rokide coatings therefore, have higher particle-to-particle cohesive bonding.

Here are some of the ways Rokide coatings can help

Wear Resistance

Ceramic coatings are much harder and far more resistant to wear and abrasion than metals making them ideal for pump components like sleeves, plungers, impellors and casings. Rokide increases service life for applications where the fluid being pumped contains sand, dirt or other abrasive particles This reduces downtime for maintenance and greatly increases productivity

Thermal Barrier Coatings

Some Rokide coatings provide a thermal barrier to protect the underlying substrate, meaning Rokide coated components enhance metal with the protective properties of ceramic at temperatures up to 4500F (2480C) in many applications.

Electrical Insulation

Certain Rokide ceramic coatings offer superior insulating properties for parts used in electrical components Rokide can be used in wire wound furnace cores and copper induction heating coils for bath heat and electrical insulation

Corrosion Resistance

Ceramics are chemically inert, even in the presence of many corrosive chemicals this makes specific Rokide coatings ideal for chemical and process industry applications where metals can be attacked by the product being manufactured- Metal impellers or mixer blades coated with Rokide are as inert as many plastics, yet they possess the required structural strength that plastic components often lack- The combination of heat resistance and corrosion resistance flakes Rokide coated metals ideal for many environmental applications in hostile environments.

Weight reduction

In applications where weight is critical, Rokide coatings often make a crucial contribution A component made of steel for its heat and wear resistance can in some cases be engineered to utilize an alternative substrate coated with Rokide.

Material cost savings

Most Rokide coatings can give enhanced properties to relatively inexpensive materials.   A pump body made of expensive stainless steel can in some cases be replaced by less expensive metals and coated internally with Rokide to protect against corrosive or abrasive fluids.  Value engineering can turn up numerous opportunities to reduce operating costs.

Reconditioning worn parts

The expense of replacing worn parts can be greatly reduced, and in some cases eliminated with Rokide coatings. A component is metal-sprayed to build up the worn area, then given a Rokide
coating and ground to tolerance before re-installation.


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